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Innova commprehends the vital importance of working ethically and in strict

compliance with the laws applicable to our operations.

We encourage this culture for our collaborators, in their daily activities. We put this world vision into practice in our relationships with partners, suppliers and the society in which we live.

We achieve success when we create in our employees the awareness that ethical behavior also plays a crucial role in business continuity. In other words:

In addition to being mandatory as a matter of principle, it is also strategic.

The employees look to our Code of Conduct to find ways for their relationships, within a comprehensive scope.

Innova not only presents the Code of Conduct to its collaborators, but also provides clarifications on a constant basis, comparing the text with practical examples of relationships with clients, suppliers, governmental agencies, authorities and the community in general.

Our goal is to be recognized as ethical and responsible people, fulfilling their duties to society.

It is also for this reason that we seek to work with suppliers and clients that act according to the principles and values that we hold dear.

We believe that, in synergy, we will be able to practice and propagate values such as:

– The support and protection of human rights;

– The assurance of not being involved in any kind of violation;

– The elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor;

– The abolition of child labor;

– The elimination of discrimination of any kind in or outside the workplace;

– The initiatives in preventive approaches to the environment;

– The development of environmentally friendly technologies and products;

– The relentless combating of corruption, including any attempts at extortion or bribery;

– The training of our employees in compliance and ethical principles;

– The dissemination of the anti-corruption legislation, for knowledge and learning.

Innova believes that this is the sustainable way to do business, taking examples of citizenship to the community where it operates, respect to the environment and to the laws of our Country.

This should be as important as the high technology we use and the products we deliver. It should also be at the root of our leadership.

Reporting Channel

Innova offers an independent reporting channel to receive and investigate reports and complaints from employees, clients and suppliers.

It operates externally, operated by a world-renowned company.

Our reporting channel was developed in observance to the Brazilian Anticorruption Law, 12.846/2013, specifically in the decree contemplating the best Compliance practices.

It grants protection to the complainant with anonymity and information safety.

Most of all, we strongly believes that transparency generates welfare.

Your cooperation will be extremely valuable to the Company.

Reports and complaints can be made through the following channels:

(free call)